MiraCosta College Catalog


MiraCosta College publishes a new catalog every year. The information published in the catalog is effective for the academic year beginning with the fall semester and concluding with the summer intersession.?This catalog is effective fall 2020 through summer 2021.

The catalog includes information about courses, programs, academic resources, and student services, and it describes most of the policies and regulations that affect students. Students are responsible for becoming familiar with this information.

You can locate information in the catalog by selecting a specific category from the menu on the left, by using the Index, or by entering a specific topic in the Search Catalog?box. The catalog?or?individual pages from it are?available for download by selecting the PDF options pull-down menu above. Previous years' catalogs are available on the MiraCosta College website at?www.miracosta.edu/schedules.

Statement of Assurance

MiraCosta College has made every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of this catalog at the time it was published; however, the college reserves the right to make changes to the information contained herein as circumstances require. In the event a correction or update is warranted, the college will publish an addendum to the online catalog, which is the official catalog of record.

Catalog Rights

The requirements for degrees, certificates, and general education may change during the time a student attends MiraCosta College, and these changes are reflected in the catalog.

Catalog rights are established when a student first takes classes at MiraCosta, and they are maintained through continuous enrollment at the college. These rights protect students from being held responsible for changes made to their academic programs in the years that follow their initial enrollment. To be considered continuously enrolled, a student must have received a letter grade (including "W") for each semester.?A one-semester leave, however,?will not negate a student's continuing status.

The catalog used to determine graduation eligibility is the catalog operating at the time the student began continuous?enrollment at MiraCosta unless the student's petition requests a different catalog. Students whose continuous enrollment has lapsed and who need remaining units in order to satisfy all degree requirements may be evaluated under the last semester of attendance or any catalog during the last period of continuous enrollment.?

Students wishing to be awarded a degree, following completion of all degree requirements, may petition for a degree at any time. The degree will be awarded based on the last semester of attendance or any catalog during the last period of continuous enrollment.

Catalog Production

This catalog was prepared by the Office of Instruction using LeapFrog's CourseLeaf Academic Catalog Management System.